View of the grande galerie of the Louvre | Patrick Allan-Fraser | 1841

View of the grande galerie of the Louvre | Patrick Allan-Fraser | 1841

View of the grande galerie of the Louvre | Patrick Allan-Fraser | 1841

We’ve seen several examples of artists that reject the academicist teaching for, in the future, to be considered part of the academicism. Almost like an art cliché.

Our artist from today is a clear example of this paradox. Patrick Allan-Fraser was born in Scotland and is the founder, along with other members, of The Clique, a group who believed that looking at the past in painting wasn’t relevant for the needs of contemporary art; and also they considered that art should be judged only by the public and not by its conformity to academic ideals.

In 1850, the members of The Clique were almost at war against the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, who were considered by them as eccentric and primitive, as they believed that the purpose of art was the imitation of nature.

Regarding the View of the grande galerie of the Louvre, we see the Parisian museum lighten by daylight, although we don’t know from where. In the centre of the canvas, almost like the main character, we see a man who looks a lot like Abraham Lincoln, next to his family and his black slave, looking at the museum and its works of art. A thing that caught my attention was that, although the light comes from the left, the slave has no shadow. Or he has it with an odd shape, don’t you think?

More on the sides, we see art students who are doing exactly the same that Patrick Allan-Fraser does at that time: painting the museum, although from different places. One of the things I like the most in this painting is the perspective of the gallery and its details. We see the ceiling decor and our look deviates to the vantage point, which allows us to imagine the extension of the gallery.

Where do you think you are going to find this painting? Yes! You got it right! In the Louvre!

There are many clichés for a single post…

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on August 12, 2010.

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