Sea II | Helmut Ditsch | 2005

Sea II | Helmut Ditsch | 2005

Sea II | Helmut Ditsch | 2005

Today, my chest is bursting.

Local newspapers informed that the painting Sea II by Helmut Ditsch, an argentine artist, was sold. The work was bought for USD 865.000, being the most expensive painting ever sold.

Although it doesn’t matter the prices and/or sales of artwork, as an argentine, I feel pride when an artist from my country gets recognized. Specially, when mi country’s artistic influence in the world is too small compared with European or North American production.

With grandparents from Germany and Austria, Helmut Ditsch was born in Buenos Aires. At the age of 21, he begins working as a freelance artist and, within two years, disappointed by his experiences with galleries, he put a pause in his artistic production. And he decides to travel and devote himself to extreme sports in several journeys to the Andes Mountains

In 1986, Helmut returns to painting and devotes himself to the hyper realistic portrait of landscapes he had known during his trips. By the 90s, he starts with big format paintings.

From there, his work is characterized by isolated and colorful landscapes; with an impressive level of detail. The painting Sea II shows us the sea looked from the Irish coast, country in which the artist resides. If we divide the composition, 2/3 of this huge painting is occupied by the sea, uniform but in tension. The horizon takes us beyond with its delicately lighten clouds; however, at the right of the work, clouds seem denser and sunlight seeps in through them, giving us a majestic spectacle.

Palette is exclusively composed by cold colors and, not because of that, it is limited: this work has more than 600 shades of blue. A detail that I find amazing is the thin greenish stripe of see that cross the whole painting near the horizon.

Ditsch’s work can be seen in his webpage at

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on August 26, 2010.

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