Landscape with the Iztaccíhuatl | Dr. Atl | 1932

Landscape with the Iztaccíhuatl | Dr. Atl | 1932

Landscape with the Iztaccíhuatl | Dr. Atl | 1932

The Mexican artist Gerardo Murillo, in an attempt to come back to his roots, starts to sign his works under the pseudonym of Dr. Atl, Word that, in náhuatl language, means “water”.

He studies art in Mexico but, with a pension granted by the president himself, he goes to study in Paris and travels to Italy where, for a time, contributes with a socialist publication.

Once he came back to his country, he starts painting murals using Altcolor, a substance he invented that can be used in several surfaces. In fact, the Altcolor® is still produced and commercialized until today.

But the true passion of this curious artist, were the volcanoes. He spent much of his time climbing the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes. In 1943, the Paricutín erupted and our artist wanted t olive the experience of climbing, analyzing it and paint it. His dedication to it was so much that, after some time, he would publish a book called How a volcano is born and grows, in which he tells his adventures of walking the Paricutín. He devoted so greatly that the exposition to its heat and fumes would generate in him circulation problems in a leg that after had to be amputated.

In Landscape with the Iztaccíhuatl we can see one of his favorite volcanoes. There is something about the colors that make me think in a most controlled and less expressionist version of van Gogh. Although it has not a great deal of details, I think the most significant thing of the painting is the focus. As if it were a photographic camera, we can see the tree and the mountain in the right very clear, while the mount of the left seems more unfocused. The painting doesn’t show great virtuosity, but I think the simplicity and the tones of the colors make in really attractive and effective.

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on December 14, 2010.

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