Untitled (15) | Lesley Vance | 2009

Untitled (15) | Lesley Vance | 2009

Untitled (15) | Lesley Vance | 2009

Lesley Vance is not a known artist, but I really liked her paintings and I decided to add her in the blog.

According her own words, the artist is inspired by the Spanish 17th Century still-lifes. In her studio, she has a collection or organic materials such as rocks, fruit or horns. She arranges them in a composition and takes a picture of it. From there, the artist begins with her work abstracting that scheme. She uses a palette knife and, after, the last retouches, she considers that the painting is finished when the final form “reveals itself”.

Untitled (15) was the one I liked the most. Despite its reduced measures of 15×18 inches, we can look at several textures. But what I really love is its luminosity. With the dark background, the artist makes the colors to bright for themselves, despite the use of the impasto technique.

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on January 24, 2011.

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