Still life with green box | Giorgio Morandi | 1954

Still life with green box | Giorgio Morandi | 1954

Still life with green box | Giorgio Morandi | 1954

Today, we are probable looking at the most boring painter of all times.

Giorgio Morandi devoted himself during his whole career to the still lives, although he painted a few landscapes and self portraits.

For his still lives, the artist had a table with vases, cups and boxes that, once they were put toghether, formed the composition he was going to paint. Morandi is usually known for the balance of these compositions and for his sensibility to tones and colors.

Under his motto “nothing is more abstract than reality”, Morandi’s paintings are very alike. His still lives have a group of no more than 5 plain objects, put over a table, with dull, sober colors. Still life with green box is Morandi on a color overdose. Although the reader might say that the green in the background and in the box in the foreground is dull, without life, for the usual paintings by the artist, it is not. 

Believe me.

You can check it.

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on February 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Still life with green box | Giorgio Morandi | 1954”

  1. Just because the colours are subtle, does not make make them dull and the painting certainly not boring!

    • Well, a little bit! You have to grant me that!
      I mean, I kinda like Morandi’s paintings but, all of his paintings follow the same basic approach… I mean, art doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic, but…

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