The Moret Bridge in the sun | Alfred Sisley | 1892

The Moret Bridge in the sun | Alfred Sisley | 1892

The Moret Bridge in the sun | Alfred Sisley | 1892

Sisley, son of British parents, is born in Paris. Despite temporarily leaving France only two times, and to work there during his whole life, the citizenship always was denied to him.

He studies in Gleyre’s atelier, where he meets Monet, Renoir and Bazille. The group prefers to paint outdoors and, the pictures produced, show brighter colors than the ones produced in a studio. Under the leadership of Monet, they discussed their ideas on art and slowly, a new artistic movement, completely different from other, arise: the impressionism.  Monet, then, establishes several rules to differentiate if a painting is impressionistic or not. To be, it was forbidden the use of color black, the long and lineal brushstrokes, the portrait of motifs different from landscapes and the indoor painting. Because of that, many artists of the movement distanced from the purist Monet, as these rules limited their artistic needs. Almost all, sooner or later, rejected the whole set of rules. Among them, characters like Renoir, Pisarro or Bazille. But Sisley didn’t feel the need of a new style, so he continued with the same orthodoxy as Monet until his death.

From Paris, Sisley moves with his family to Moret-sur-Loing, a little medieval town at the verge of the Loing River. As there the houses are built on islands, little bridges connect the different parts of the city. The Moret Bridge in the sun portraits the most important one on a clear day. The sunlight softly illuminates the constructions. The landscape is cheerful and, at the same time, tranquil. The reflection of the buildings in the river shows us that the water level is low and superficial, giving the painting a sleepy atmosphere and a subtle beauty.

Click on this link to look at a 360° view from on top the Moret Bridge. A nice place indeed.

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Moret Bridge in the sun | Alfred Sisley | 1892”

  1. about the painting- The Moret Bridge in the Sun, 1892, oil on canvas.
    After meeting Monet and Renoir in the 1860s, Sisley became associated with the impressionist group, although he was always a relatively marginal, private personality. Monet had an enduring impact upon Sisley’s landscape art, but his work also reflects the influence of Corot. Sisley painted the bridge at Moret on a number of occasions.
    This work is solidly structured in contrasting areas of water, buildings and sky, with reflections fastening the town and river together. As in almost all of Sisley’s work, human figures are few and small. This is a townscape that aspires to the calm solitude of landscape. With no device to lead the viewer’s eye into the picture, the gaze is free to roam over the sundrenched medieval walls and soft luminous sky.

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