Bunch of flowers | Xiang Shengmo | (1630?)

Bunch of flowers | Xiang Shengmo | (1630)

Bunch of flowers | Xiang Shengmo | (1630)

With the Ming dynasty, art in China grew in several aspects. They started to use new techniques and colors; although, paradoxically, art slowly put aside the complexity and symbols of previous periods and extremely simple motifs became popular. Illustrations of plants and animals were much appreciated. These paintings generally didn’t have any background and were often combined with calligraphy, an art on itself in China and Japan.

Xian Shengmo worked during the last period of the Ming dynasty. In Bunch of flowers we see a bouquet of camellias tied up and combined with grass and small branches. The artist uses ink and, only with this type of paint, he gets many intermediate tones and gives texture to the different elements of the composition. To the right, we can look at one of the seals of the artists (he had more than 80) and, bottom left, we can look at the seal of one of the collectors that owned the painting. As the zen art in Japan, the painting probably has no purpose but to make us contemplate the delicate of nature.

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on March 16, 2011.

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